SHNA Board Meeting – 9/12/16

Time and Location of SHNA Board Meeting: The meeting was held at the Heights Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Board Members Present: Jim Montalbano, Katy Braziel, Elizabeth Doak, Rich Braziel, & Tom Ocken. Sign-in Sheet

Zoning – 1512 Gold: The request to fence the parking lot in front of 1512 Gold was heard by the LUCC. Jim & Tom attended the meeting and spoke in favor of securing the property at the dwelling not at the street. No decision has been made to date.

Presbyterian Screening Variance: Presbyterian has requested a variance to the screening requirements for Spruce between Central & Lead. Spruce has been vacated by the city and is embedded in the Presbyterian campus. SHNA does not have an objective to not having screening at this location.

Titan Development: The Construction, North of Presbyterian, of mixed use retail/residential is breaking ground in November

Presbyterian Entrance: Relocation of Presbyterian car entrance will be moved to Spruce & Central from the current location at Cedar & Central with construction starting soon.

ART Related Traffic Calming & Tree Replacement: Councilor Benton sent an email in support of traffic calming measures in the Silver Hill Neighborhood during ART construction and for one-for-one tree replacement of trees removed as a result of the ART project

UNM Central Corridor Neighborhood Study: Tom attended the meeting. The UNM study is funded through the City but is independent of the City. See attached

Committee to Review By-Laws: Jim & Teri will review and prepare recommendations for the Annual 2017 meeting.

Front Yard Parking: The City is preparing to legalize front yard parking throughout the City. The Historic Overlay Zone prohibits this and will continue to prohibit front yard parking in the Historic Overlay Zone. However, this will affect housing in our neighborhood that is not in the Historic Overlay Zone. Katy will write an email for Jim to send to Councilor Benton stating our opposition to this change.

Tree Replacement: The dead trees on Lead/Coal between Carlisle and Broadway have been replaced and the weeds have been sprayed. Thanks to Dan Humbles and his crews. A special thanks also goes out to Katy Braziel for working diligently over the years to get this to happen.

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: The SHNA Board Meeting Minutes for 7/11/16 were reviewed and unanimously approved.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:15pm

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