SHNA Board Meeting – 2/13/2017

Time and Location of SHNA Board Meeting: The meeting was held at the Heights Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Agenda

Board members present:  James Montalbano, Elizabeth Doak, Cathy Ruhl, Tom Ocken, Katy Braziel Sign-in Sheet

Others present:  Don McIver Sign-in Sheet


1512 Silver: Proposed new single-family development.  James had sent a letter to Leslie Naji in the City Historic Preservation department outlining our position re the development.  James, Katy and Jim (from 1423 Silver) attended the LUCC meeting on 2/8/17.  We indicated support for the single-family aspect, for the historic style, for observance of appropriate set-backs.  We opposed a circular driveway at front which would necessitate two curb cuts.  The developer compromised with a single curb cut for a single car driveway, using historically appropriate materials.  The LUCC recommended that Ms. Naji develop the final plan with window design and the curb cut clearly indicated in consultation with the owner and developer.  The Board discussed an appeal due to the precedent being set by allowing any curb cut at all.  No decision was made to pursue this by the Board.

 ABC-Z/IDO: A meeting was held with Sycamore Neighborhood, at Presbyterian Hospital, with City employee Russell Brito.  He stated that the new IDO 1) doesn’t abrogate HOZs and 2) incorporates Sector Plans.

 Sector Development Plan Amendment: James will attend a facilitated meeting with University Heights Neighborhood on 2/22/17 (Pres. Hospital, SW room A, on S2 Level), 6:00 pm to discuss a proposed Sector Development Plan amendment proposed by Jim Strozier of Consensus Planning.  We informally agreed (no vote taken) to support University Heights’ position.

 Website: James and Matt Sexton will be working on updating information on our website, to include Board member information. Katy will write an article on the trees, medians to be posted on the website

Heights Community Center: Katy meet with Edgar Avila, new HCC director.  He has 10 years experience management other CCs in Albuquerque and indicated that there were improvements he would like to make.  He’ll meet with the SHNA in May to get our ideas.  The Board will do some preliminary brainstorming at our next meeting.

Lead/Coal, Silver/Gold Landscaping: Dan Humbles of the City Solid Waste Department has been getting the contractor for Lead/Coal to take care of the planting strips.  Almost all of the grasses have been cut back properly (4″ tall), trash has been picked up, tree replacements have gone in, and new plantings are slowly being done.  City Solid Waste crews will be re-seeding the bare patches in the medians and the planting strips on Silver and Gold.  People have noted that the City crews are emptying the neighborhood bins lately.  Thank you Dan!

Membership:  We currently have 14 members.  Although we discussed increasing membership (having dues cover a calendar year, rather than a school year; a questionnaire for neighbors; pay pal for dues; QVC codes…) nothing was decided.  James will talk to Keefe at the Guild about doing “Movies on the Median” as a neighborhood event to drum up interest. James will talk to Sharon about whether she wishes to serve on the Board.  If she doesn’t, Don McIver is willing to take her place.  At the March meeting we will vote on this.

Treasurer’s ReportsNov-16   Feb-17

Meeting Adjourned: 8:15 pm

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