SHNA Board Meeting 4/10/2017

Time and Location of SHNA Board Meeting: The meeting was held at the Heights Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Board members present: Cathy Ruhl, James Montalbano, Katy Braziel, Elizabeth Doak, Richard Hallett, Bob Stembridge, & Tom Ocken. Sign-in Sheet

Others present: Tucker Green, Tim Keller-Mayoral candidate, Brittany Silvas-Assistant to Mr. Keller, & James Burton. Sign-in Sheet

Zoning report:

  • 1512 Silver, new single family house. Owner requested removal of one tree in planting strip and widening the driveway from 12’ to 18’. Solid Waste Dept. has approved the removal of the tree (a tall 15 year old Burr Oak). James has protested the widening of the driveway. Copies of all building plans will be sent to James for oversight. The Board expressed concern about the lack of respect shown the historic neighborhood and the residents in this action.
  • Proposed development at University and Gold: The developer has withdrawn proposals to develop this block. The church and the buildings on Central will remain for the time being.

Brown bag lunch with Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins: Commissioner Stebbins’ monthly event will be held on 4/19/2017 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. At the McKinley Community Center, 3401 Monroe NE. This month’s speaker will be Katrina Hotrum, Director of the newly created Behavioral Health Department. Presentation Information

Discussion with Tim Keller, Candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque: Mr. Keller discussed his values and vision for the City of ABQ. He handed out a brochure of “12 Real Ideas That Will Make a Difference.” See details at

Silver Hill Brochures: Tom has created and printed black & white brochures, which Board members will have to give to realtors, developers, and other community representatives. Katy will get a price on color printed, 8 ½” X ll”, bi-fold, professionally printed brochure by the May meeting. The Board will then decide whether or not to invest in these.

Preparation for meeting with Edgar Avila, Director of the Heights Community Center at our May meeting: The purpose of the meeting will be to hear Edgar’s vision for the HCC and to tell him of our wish list, as follows:

  • Restore the meeting room with cleaning, new paint, art, decent furniture. Assure that the room is set up and clean for our monthly meetings.
  • Restore the landscaping where new trees at east and south side have mostly died.
  • Get a new, historically appropriate sign for the Center.
  • Get exercise equipment for the gym.
  • Put plantings in large pots in the courtyard
  • Contact Ike Benton about set-aside dollars for this project???

Great American Clean-Up: The Clean-Up will be held on 4/29/17 this year. The members of the Board who traditionally participate will be unavailable on that date, so we decided not to participate this year.

Green Waste Pickup: The City of Albuquerque will once again be picking up green waste in our neighborhood during the weeks of May 1st and May 12th on our regular residential garbage days (May 3rd and 14th). You must have your bags and bundles curbside by 7:00 am on the mornings of the pickup. See the City of Albuquerque Solid Waste websites for more specifics. Tucker Green will post a sign in his front yard in the 2100 block of Lead reminding his part of the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned: 9:00 pm

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