SHNA Board Meeting Minutes – 6/12/17

Time and location of the meeting: the meeting was held at the Heights Community Center and was called to order at 7:07 pm

Board members present: James Montalbano, Don McIver, Katy Braziel, Elizabeth Doak, Cathy Ruhl, & Richard Hallett. Sign-in Sheet

Others present: Mindy Grossberg & Jeremy Sment. Sign-in Sheet

New Business

Board Meeting in July: – There will be a Board Meeting on July 10, 2017


  • Mapping of crime is now available on-line.
  • A member of the Police Advisory Board (POB) will attend our next meeting.
  • Community Policing Councils are meeting; all are welcome to attend.

Next one is this Thursday, 6:00 pm, SE Area Command@C Chavez Community Center. James will attend and try to get the Commander to give us an appointment to share ideas and concerns.


  • IDO Workshops will be held multiple times between 7/21/17 and 7/27/17 at Plaza del Sol.
  • The amendment to the Sector Plan (re: Silver & Cornell) will be heard by the City on 6/14/2017, 5:00 pm. We have opposed this, in support of our adjacent neighborhood University Heights. James will send a letter to the hearing committee reiterating our opposition.
  • 1512 Silver SE – James sent a letter to Leslie Naji, cc to developer: “The width of the driveway cannot exceed 12 feet.” So far has spoken to Leslie Naji who stated that, “so far the plans have not changed.”  It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved that the Board will file an injunction if the developer tries to violate the conditions set up at the Zoning hearing several months ago.

Treasurer’s Report: Our balance is $1311.98, with $645 set aside for KAB and $100 remaining in our Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) grant. James suggested that someone do Movies on the Median again with the NNO grant funds. He will investigate further. Treasurer’s Report

Historic Presentation:  Richard Hallett gave a presentation on a historic property connected to his family. He had photographs and other memorabilia to show.

 Old Business

 SHNA Brochure:  The printing of a neighborhood brochure has been discussed on several occasions during the past few months. The Board had asked Katy to get some price estimates. She provided costs for local and out-of-state vendors. Questions about the cost arose. One Board member thought the proposal was “not professional.” The issue is tabled.

Roosevelt Park:  Jeremy Sment updated the Board on Joran Viers, Parks Dept. Arborist’s multi-year plan to remove dead and dying Siberian elm trees and replace them with new City-approved trees. More is forthcoming. Meeting Notes

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm

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