SHNA Board Meeting Minutes – 9/11/17

Time and location of the meeting: the meeting was held at the Heights Community Center and was called to order at 7:00 pm

Board members present: James Montalbano, Rich Braziel, Don McIver, Elizabeth Doak, Katy Braziel, Tom Ocken, & Richard Hallett. Sign-in Sheet

Others present: Ben Fowler & Ben Wasserott Sign-in Sheet

Lead & Coal: Ben Wasserott lives on lead and is working to change the way Lead and Coal are used. The noise and safety issues on Lead/Coal are making it very hard for people to live there. The Traffic Department has not listened to the residents and a few years ago forced thru the one-way. During discussions all of our Board members reported seeing frequent accidents on Lead/Coal in our neighborhood. We had a good discussion and some things that would help us argue for making it a 2-way road or could help make it better as a one way are:

  1. Install traffic speed signs (radar) with logging capabilities. This would provide data on traffic speed.
  2. Get traffic accident reports. Traffic Engineering does not have accurate historical accident data. This must be reported somewhere. Find out where we can get the historic data.
  3. Get the lights synchronized to the 30 MPH speed limit.
  4. Get APD to routinely give out traffic tickets to speeders on Lead/Coal.
  5. Make it a safety corridor so traffic fines are doubled.

We do not want a freeway running through our neighborhoods. The City talks a lot about bike and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. The residents that live along Lead/Coal need some help. We need to continue to seek solutions to these issues with the City.

Historic Preservation Handbook: This book has just been finished and provides a history of historic neighborhoods in Albuquerque, guidelines for maintenance and improvements of historic homes, and guidelines to protect the characteristics for our neighborhoods. Katy will send the city link to Rich who will get it on the SHNA Website.

Parking Issues: We are seeing a lot of parking in yards, blocking driveways, etc. Jim asked that if we see a parking violation to send him pictures of the problems along with the address. Jim will get the City involved.

Party Houses: Jim is going to text people when he becomes aware of party house issues. He asked that we let him know when we see things and he will let others know by text. We need to get the City to take immediate action.

Heights Community Center: Jim & Katy talked to Ike Benton on 9/1/17 about the Heights Community Center and a list of issues that need addressing. Katy sent a note detailing the discussion.

Clean up: The City is having a Clean Up day on Saturday 9/23/17. There were no board members that are available to lead this effort so we are going to have to skip this clean up.

Presbyterian: Because of the construction at Presbyterian Hospital, employees are parking on Silver and Gold. They are also dropping their cigarette butts and trash on the West side of Presbyterian. Jim spoke to the Community Relations Representative and she said the parking issue would be resolved by the improvement they are making. As for the cigarette butts and trash she said she will put out the word to not litter and will also get Security to keep an eye out to help enforce being better neighbors.

1512 Silver: The new house at 1512 Silver has started construction. Everything is looking good.

Neighborhood Pamphlets: Jim has gotten a quote for printing one thousand tri-fold brochures on glossy paper in 4-color for $175. Jim will have a mock up done to show the Board and obtain approval before moving ahead.

July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes: The Board unanimously approved the July 10, 2017 SHNA Board Meeting Minutes.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm

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