SHNA Board Meeting Minutes – 11/13/17

Time and location of the meeting: the meeting was held at a CNN Conference Room and was called to order at 7:15 pm. The Heights Community Center was not open due to a personal emergency affecting the person who was overseeing the building.

Board members present: James Montalbano, Rich Braziel, Tom Ocken, Don McIver, Elizabeth Doak, Katy Braziel, & Richard Hallett. Sign-in Sheet

Others present: Aaron DuBay, Benjamin Fowler, Laura Kuehn-APD, Robert Carlson-APD, David Small-APD Sign-in Sheet

New Business

APD Community Outreach: Laura Kuehn shared neighborhood crime statistics with us. Silver Hill Neighborhood Data shows that there were 682 incidents this year which is a 29% increase over last year. This is similar to what is happening in the greater Albuquerque area. We identified problem areas in Silver Hill Neighborhood to help them focus their efforts. They included:

  • Intersection of Gold & Buena Vista needs 4-way stop sign. Lots of accidents.
  • Speeding on Lead/Coal
  • Parking that blocks driveways & front yard parking.
  • Roosevelt park – drug problems.
  • Pine & Gold problems (halfway house, people sleeping in yards, drugs… )

We need to call about problems so we documented the issues. We can also use the APD Mobile phone application that allows you to fill out police reports in non-critical situations. This saves the person reporting a problem time and also saves APD time. This helps with the shortage of police officers that we are facing. We all hope this problem can be resolved.

Upcoming Board Meeting: The December meeting is scheduled for 12/11/17 and will focus on Board Term Limits and on how to get new membership. The annual January meeting will be on 1/9/18 and will be where we elect Board Members. This is an important meeting and we encourage everyone to attend. Please consider becoming a member of the Silver Hill Neighborhood Association and maybe even joining the Board.

Silver Hill Neighborhood Pamphlets: Jim and Tom presented a mock up of a 4-color, tri-fold pamphlet and it was discussed. They will review and make final modifications for approval at the December meeting.

Historic Property Registry: Most of the houses in our neighborhood are on the Historic Register and you can get a plaque for your house. You also may qualify for NM State tax credits for things like a new roof, windows, HVAC, wood floor restoration, … Having a plaque for your home increases your value and let’s others know your house is historic. Historic Properties

Luminarias: The Board discussed doing luminarias on the mediums on Silver.  Several of the Board Members are not going to be available to participate in folding, filling, placing, lighting and cleaning up the luminarias.  This work has been done mostly by the board members in the past and unless others are willing to shoulder the burden of working on the day before Christmas and on Christmas day, we will skip them this year. Tom Ocken presented information on the luminaria supplies on hand. Luminaria Supplies

Board Meeting Minutes: The October 9, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes were approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm

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