SHNA Board Meeting Minutes – 12/11/17

Time and Location of the Meeting: the meeting was held at the SHAQ Academy, 1404 Lead SE School Room and was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Board Members Present: James Montalbano, Rich Braziel, Tom Ocken, Katy Braziel, Robert Stembridge, & Richard Hallett. Sign-in Sheet

Others Present: Benjamin Fowler, Aaron DuBay, Ian Butler, Jim Sattler, Jill Sattler, & Charlotte Rode. Sign-in SheetBoard Membership:

We started by talking about Board Members who have served for a very long time and how this is not only a hardship on them but also limits the perspective of the Board. There will be 6 Board positions, which will need to be filled at the January 8th Annual Meeting. We would really like to have new people join the Board. The Board vacancies, and the people currently serving are as follows:

  1. James Montalbano – President (Willing to serve for another term)
  2. Katy Braziel – Vice President (Not willing to serve for another term)
  3. Richard Braziel – Secretary (Willing to serve for one more term but would be willing to step aside if someone is interested in serving)
  4. Bob Stembridge – Board Member
  5. Cathy Ruhl – (Not willing to serve for another term)
  6. Sherone Sutker – (Not willing to serve for another term)

The question is how do we find people in our neighborhood that are willing to work at serving their neighborhood. It was pointed out that many people don’t know what the boundaries of the SHNA are and so they may not even know that they are eligible to serve on the Board. And they may not know when and where the meetings are held. Several of the Board members worked very hard to hand deliver approximately 800 flyers announcing the Annual Meeting being held on January 8th at the Heights Community Center. They placed these flyers at almost every door in the neighborhood.

We have a lot of issues and opportunities that our neighbors share. These are some things we could work on together:

  1. Crime & Safety
  2. Provide information about our neighborhood
  3. Community Events like movie nights, neighborhood cleanup, luminaria at Christmas, group garage sales…
  4. Monthly paper newsletters
  5. Social media outreach
  6. Interaction with UNM, CNM, APD, Presbyterian…

Board Meeting Minute Approval: The Board meeting minutes from 11/13/17 were reviewed and unanimously approved as corrected.

SHNA Brochures: There are 1,000 SHNA Brochures being printed to give to neighbors, realtors, and anyone that might be interested in our unique and wonderful neighborhood.

SAHQ Charter School: As is so often the case, many of us are not aware of all the great things going on in our neighborhood. The SAHQ Charter School has 84 students and will be growing every year as they extend the school to include additional grades. They focus on student athletes and have an amazing facility and faculty. Charlotte Rode explained their approach, told us about the history of starting the school, and showed us around. Thank you Charlotte.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

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