SHNA ANNUAL Board Meeting Minutes – 01/08/2018

Time and Location of the Meeting: the meeting was held at the Buena Vista Community Center and was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Board Members Present: James Montalbano, Rich Braziel, Don McIver, & Richard Hallett. Sign-in Sheet

Others Present: Sean Matney, Cynthia Cook, Jill Sattler, Jim Sattler, Ellen Cline, Alison Floyd, Robert Stewart, Aaron DuBay, Amanda Bustos, Lawrence Bustos, Steve Thoma, Jill Marley Berry, Ron Dassanayake, Benjamin Fowler, Anthony Menicucci, & Randolph Vazquez. Sign-in Sheet

SHNA Brochures: There are 1,000 SHNA Brochures being printed to give to neighbors, realtors, and anyone that might be interested in our unique and wonderful neighborhood. Silver Hill Neighborhood Brouchure

Crime Discussion: Crime concerns expressed by those in attendance included gun shots, auto break-ins, auto thefts, home break-ins, & drug dealing. Other comments included criminals using the alleys & University Blvd street lighting out. Deterrents included iron bars on windows & security doors, leaving outside lights on, knowing your neighbors, not leaving stuff in your cars, having a dog, security cameras, paid private security services, neighborhood policing/bike patrols, & reporting issues to the police (request that a report be written). There is a 311 phone application that helps you report issues, allows you to attach photos, and helps tract the things you report. We have a new City Administration and SHNA will be working with the SE Command to try to improve attention to our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch: Information about setting up a Neighborhood Watch. Information Sheet

National Night Out: – Aug 7, 2018

Board Member Elections: Individual nominations were made and seconded and votes for approval were unanimous.

Jim Montalbano nominated Sean Matney

Don McIver nominated Aaron DuBay,

Jim Montalbano nominated Rich Braziel

Jim Montalbano nominated Don McGiver

Jill Marley Berry indicated her interest to be on the Board and will be considered at the February Board meeting.


SHNA Officer Elections:

The following people were nominated as Officers, seconded, & unanimously approved:

Jim Montalbano – President

Don McIver – Vice President

Elizabeth Doak – Treasure

Richard Braziel – Secretary


Sidewalks: This is a pedestrian neighborhood and we have problems with people blocking the sidewalks with cars, trashcans, etc. This is something on which the SHNA will be focusing this year.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

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