Front Yard Parking

The Albuquerque City Website gives general guidance regarding car parking:

“RESIDENTIAL PARKING — All mo­tor vehicles parked in a residential zone shall only be parked on the improved parking and maneuvering area in the front yard setback.”

In this context, ‘improved’ means either a prepared compacted gravel area or concrete.

Albuquerque zoning code specifies the maximum area of a residential front setback that can be improved for parking:

§ 14-16-2-6 R-1 RESIDENTIAL ZONE: (F) Off-Street Parking.

  1. Off-street parking shall be as provided in § 14-16-3-1 of this Zoning Code.
  2. Maximum front yard setback area that can be an improved parking and maneuvering area: 60%, but no more than 30 feet wide or the width of the front of the garage, whichever is wider.
  3. Parking on any portion of a front yard setback area, other than the improved parking, is prohibited.

The SilverHill Historic Zone Development Guidelines102010.pdf, page 32 narrows the community guidelines for front-of-house parking:

  • Parking shall not be located in the front yard, except in driveways. Existing driveways should not be widened or expanded. Paving in the front yard setback other than for driveways is prohibited.

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