Add photo to post

[I don’t see how to add photos to a reply].

It takes several steps to add a photo to a post, but it’s a cookbook procedure:

To start, you need to be using the ‘edit post’ page not the ‘quickpress’ on the ‘Dashboard’ page.  Click on the ‘add image’ icon as shown below:

A ‘select files’ window should open.  Click on the ‘select files’ icon as shown below:

Select the file you want to upload:

The file should upload, then scroll down in the ‘add an image’ window to the bottom and select ‘insert into post’ as shown below:

Voila, you’ve inserted a picture into the post that you can view in the post editor page.  It may look a little distorted in the editor page, but the distortion seems to go away in the published version.

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