The SHNA purchased and installed trash bins around the neighborhood.  SHNA supplies hefty strength trash bags.  Volunteers empty the bins as needed.  Interested volunteers contact

Trash Bin Address Citizen Caretaker
1423 Silver Ave SE James M
1424 Silver Ave S Matt BeckE
1502 Silver Ave SE on Silver
1502 Silver Ave SE on Maple
1523 Silver Ave SE Matt Sexton
1620 Silver Ave SE Joaquin
1623 Silver Ave SE Tom Adams
1812 Silver Ave SE Craig W
1900 Silver Ave SE on Mesa Richard Braziel
2100 Silver Ave SE Jim and Jill?
2126 Silver Ave SE ?
On Gold Ave SE x Maple, NE corner Matt Beck
411 Buena Vista SE Craig W
2012 Lead Craig W
124 Maple Ave SE ?
1710 Coal Place SE Tom Ocken
On Terrace near Silver Ellen and Bruce
1516 Gold Ave SE, on Ash Sharone
1721 Silver Ave SE, on University Tom Ocken

The Miracle of Google Maps:

Larger Map

Other Trash Initiatives:

Weekly Block Trash pick-up.

Monthly Trash Survey

Annual Participation in ‘Albuquerque’s Annual Company’s Comin’ Cleanup’

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