Zoning Code Labyrinth

Albuquerque zoning requirements are defined in a nested collection of city codes:

  • The Comprehensive City Zoning Code was enacted enacted in 1959, revised in 1971 and, among other things, defines property uses and building structures with a schedule for ceasing and removal of non-conforming uses and structure.  Certain aspects, including non-conformance handling are superseded (RC 14-16-2-20) by  NEIGHBORHOOD SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PLANs and Overlay zones
  • Silver Hill resides within the 1978 “University Sector Development Plan” area.  The sector development plan: “guide[s] the City of Albuquerque and other agencies and individuals to ensure orderly redevelopment and effective utilization of funds…”.  Important updates (1986, 1991) to the Sector Development Plan are enacted by city council resolutions and captured in the resolution section at the front of the current University Sector Development Plan document.
  • In August 2010 the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission established the Silver Hill Historic Overlay Zone (HOZ) and published Development Guidelines for the Silver Hill Historic Overlay Zone.  The HOZ adds a layer of protection to our historic area during the planning and zoning process and requires an extra step when it comes to some property improvements.  The design guidelines do not require changes to  properties and/or structures that existed prior to August 2010.

The particular zoning issue, date of property purchase, date of construction, current and past usage are all required to determine whether or not a given use is allowed.

To ‘drill into’ the particulars of an address, use the address search tool here.  You can also use the Albuquerque GIS Data Website to view multitudinous data about your area.

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