SHNA Board Meeting 5/8/2017

Time and Location of SHNA Board Meeting: The meeting was held at the Heights Community Center and was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Board members present: Cathy Ruhl, James Montalbano, Katy Braziel, Elizabeth Doak, Rich Braziel, Richard Hallett, Gordon Reiselt, & Bob Stembridge Sign-in Sheet

Others present: Jeremy Sment, Edger Avilla Director – Heights Community Center, & Don McIver Sign-in Sheet

Board Member: Sharone has resigned from the Board and Don McIver has offered to help us fill Sharone’s vacancy by serving on the Board. Don was nominated, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Roosevelt Park Tree Replacement: The City Forester is directing the replacement of the trees in Roosevelt Park to be scheduled over a 5-year period. SHNA Tree Design Committee will work to ensure the right replacement trees are used and that they are replaced immediately after removal and not just removed. We will also work to get the Sycamore Neighborhood Association involved. Jeremy will head up the committee and (Katy, Elizabeth, and James) will support. Jim will contact the Sycamore Neighborhood Association to get their representative identified. Jeremy will post Joran Viers’ long-term plan on the Silver Hill website.

Presbyterian Signage: Presbyterian Hospital is redoing their signage as part of their redo of the parking lot and entrance.  There does not appear to be a problem with the proposed signage.

Integrated Development Zoning: The EPC has delayed approval of the Integrated Development Zoning process to allow some latecomers to better understand what is being done. Integrated Development Zoning does not change the Zoning of a site, just the process through which developers must go.

Zoning report: Leslie Naji from the City’s Historic Preservation Department is taking photos of the neighborhood and we should have our historic book soon

Edgar Avila, Director of the Heights Community Center: Edgar shared his vision for the HCC and listened to our list of possible improvements. He has been working for Community Centers for the last 10 years. He has been at Heights since January 2017.

Things that have been or are scheduled to be accomplished are:

  • The computer room has been updated and is fully functional. The web site is operational. Security camera systems are being installed with 2 cameras in every room and a monitor in the office. This will allow him to closely monitor what is going on in the facility.
  • Summer program starts June 12 and runs through Aug 4. It has already reached full enrollment via a lottery system. He is aware that the meeting room, which we utilize, was usually not in condition to hold our meetings in the past and will work to see that it doesn’t happen this year.
  • Renewal of the dance room hall floor with new maple flooring starts in August.       Adobe wall damage is being repaired. WIFI is being installed throughout the Building.

Suggestions from SHNA that were discussed with Edgar:

  • Restore the meeting room with cleaning, new paint, art, and decent furniture.
  • Restore the landscaping where new trees at east and south side have died.
  • Get a new, historically appropriate sign for the Center.
  • Get exercise equipment for the gym.
  • Put plantings in large pots in the courtyard
  • HVAC – Noisy & does not work. It is a single pipe system and is either hot or cold. He is trying to get it fixed but it may take capital improvement dollars for replacement of equipment.
  • Windows don’t lock – Edgar explained that they know how to push the top window up while pushing the bottom window down and then they can lock it.
  • We suggested that they might want to contact Ike Benton about set-aside dollars for their projects.       We offered to help in any way we can.

SHNA Brochure: Katy is meeting with a designer and printer on Wednesday, May 10th and will provide a price to produce a new, color, professionally printed Silver Hill brochure next month.  The Board can next decide if we wish to pay for the production.

Dogs in Roosevelt Park: There are a lot of dogs that are running around Roosevelt park without restraint. The City signage on Coal says dogs must be on leash. The signage on Sycamore says dogs can be loose. Gordon Reiselt will contact Councilor Benton to ask that the City make it clear that Roosevelt is not a dog park. The sign on sycamore should be replaced with one that clearly says dogs must be on a leash, like the one on coal.

Meeting Minutes: May meeting minutes were approved unanimously as corrected.

Support Local Restaurants: With the impact of ART on local businesses we will go out as the SHNA Board after our next meeting to help support a local business. We will try to do this monthly.

Meeting adjourned: 8:25 pm

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