Kidney House for sale, Silver & Maple

Here’s the latest from the kidney house owned by Presbyterian Hospital on the northwest corner of Silver and Maple.

I spoke with Suzanne Kinney, of Coldwell Banker, who is listing the property on behalf of Presbyterian Hospital, which runs a nonprofit kidney-treatment facility on the site. Suzanne specializes in single-family homes, and she is marketing it as a residence, not as a business. She says it will list for $349,000. As the immediate next-door neighbor, I would love to have that property converted into a family residence.

Bill reports that the property belongs to a nonprofit called NM Kidney Patient House Inc. That’s apparently a front for Presbyterian, because Suzanne clearly considers Presbyterian her client. Bill says the city classifies the property as Community Residential Program.

Interestingly, that property was the one that helped block the midwives from moving on the Tingley House, because of zoning restrictions on businesses in the neighborhood being within a certain distance of each other. I wonder if the midwives would be interested in it, and whether their operation would qualify to use the property under its current zoning designation.

I’ll keep an eye on the property. From a zoning standpoint, we should do a little research and check the status of the property to confirm its residency status and to see what may or may not be allowed there. While the hospital has been an excellent neighbor (especially by regularly policing the property with its security team), it could be a bonus to have one fewer business operating within the historic residential stretch of Silver Avenue.

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2 Responses to Kidney House for sale, Silver & Maple

  1. matt1523Silver says:

    I came up blank on Coldwell Banker website. How many rooms/baths in there?

  2. james1409Silver says:

    It’s not listed yet. She doesn’t even have a key for it. She did mention that it has two kitchen stoves — one gas, one electric.

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