SHNA Board Meeting – 7/11/16

Time and Location of SHNA Board Meeting: The meeting was held at 1900 Silver Ave SE because the Heights Community Center was closed. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Board Members Present: Jim Montalbano, Robert Stembridge, Katy Braziel, Rich Braziel, Tom Ocken & Alanna Apodaca. Sign-in Sheet

Visitors: Terry Apodaca & Richard Hallett Sign-in Sheet

Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART): Teri Apodaca wrote a document outlining some serious concerns that she has concerning ART. Many of the concerns had already been shared with Jim and were included in a letter from the SHNA, which Jim Montalbano sent to Katherine Cordova and Ike Benton. After discussions it was decided that Jim & Teri would work to see if any additional concerns needed to be addressed. ART – Serious Concerns

National Night Out: The National Night Out is being held on Tuesday August 2nd 7-9:00pm. Jim will invite police representative. Letter & Brochure

Traffic signal at Buena Vista & Gold Request: Jim submitted request for a traffic signal at Buena Vista & Gold. There is a great deal of urgency and concern about the need for traffic calming at this intersection.

Zoning: 1512 Gold: There will be a LUCC meeting on Wednesday 7/13/16 at 3:00pm about the request for a variance to allow the installation of a 6’ high fence and automatic gate. SHNA position has not changed that this is not in compliance with zoning and the property is not exceptional. Jim will attend the meeting.

ABC-Z City of Albuquerque & Bernalillo County Collaborative Effort: The ABC Comp Plan Committee has posted their proposed updates and is seeking comments from the public during the month of July. Katy was told by Mary Ann Hennesey that the Historic Overlay Zoning (HOZ) trumps the Comp Plan so the SHNA does not have to worry about Comp Plan. Jim will send a letter to formally document this information. For dates, times, and locations of public meeting see ABC-Z Upcoming Events

VIN Etching: There will a free VIN Etching event on Saturday July 30 at Dream Style Remodeling1460 Renaissance Blvd NE (By Costco) VIN Etching Event

Committee to Review By-Laws: Jim & Teri will review and prepare recommendations for the Annual 2017 meeting.

Parking Permits: It is that time of year again. You can get your parking permits starting August Copy and paste the following URL into your internet browser to see requirements.

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: The SHNA Board Meeting Minutes for 6/13/16 were reviewed and unanimously approved.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm


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